Thursday, November 19, 2020

Sacred Knots Review & GIVEAWAY

This book makes me want to take up knotting - Sacred Knots: Create, adorn, and transform through the art of knotting by Lise Silva Gomes. In her modern guide to knotting this self-taught fiber artist shares her journey from unwittingly collecting macrame pamphlets in thrift shops in 2012, to present day avant-garde knotting artist, teacher and author. Her reverence for the craft and it's variations bursts through the pages. Part 1, the basics, looks at the fundamentals of knotting. Learn about the tools, materials, knots and techniques. Part 2, the projects, use the skills you learned in Part 1 to make gorgeous pieces - from fabulous jewelry to wall hangings and more. Projects range in skill level and material costs. Part 3, the sacred, will inspire mindfulness in your creative practice. In this section you will find tools that will help you shape your own personal knotting practice. The complete table of contents is listed below. Knotting offers diverse possibilities. Is there a knotting practice unique to your background? This 176 page paperback was released November 3, 2020 by publisher Roost Books. Get your copy below!


Preface: My Personal Journey in Knotting
Introduction: Knotting a Thread from Past to Present

Part 1

The Materials
A Guide to Knotting
The Basics
Square Knot
Double Coin
Cross Knot
Sun Cycle
Sailor's Breastplate
Cloud Knot
Weaver's Plait
Pipa Knot
Finishing and Embellishing Techniques

Part 2

Pipa Knot Earrings
Mãe d'Água Necklace and Earrings Set
Satin Bookmark
Sun Worshiper Statement Necklace
Cross Knot Stacking Bracelet
Colorblock Woven Knot Panel
Double Coin Curtain
Knot Appliqué Jacket

Part 3

Knotting as a Meditation
Practicing Intention
Making Affirmations
Fiber Practice Journal: Intention Log
Knotting for Relaxation
Practicing Creativity
Recording your Personal Journey

About the Author

Try the easy 4-step square knot from page 43. If you don't have a piece of cord find something else. I used butcher's twine. 

Sacred Knots ISBN-13 : 978-1611807776 is available worldwide at Roost Books. Roost Books publish lifestyle books that aim to inspire - focusing on the areas of cooking, creativity, family, and nature. Ron Longe PR has generously offered to giveaway 3 copies! Three winners will be selected at random. Open until December 6, 2020. USA addresses only. Good luck!


  1. I do not know of any knotting practices in our background

    1. Sorry, noticed too late that it is USA only...

  2. My daughter is a die hard knitter she wouldlove this .

  3. Just knitting and crocheting. No fancy knots that I know of.

  4. My mother made many patchwork quilts that required her to tie lots of knots.