Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Origami + Kirigami for the Home Review & GIVEAWAY

Just released! It's Origami and Kirigami for the Home: Paper Art Decorations, Gift Wrapping, and Handmade Cards by Wei You. This UK paper artist shows how to make paper decor for special occasions. Explore the versatility and beauty of paper with the Japanese arts of origami and kirigami. In origami, paper is folded and creased, while in kirigami the paper is folded and cut. Both traditional and contemporary designs are featured. Easy-to-follow instructions, photographs, and diagrams guide you step by step. Each project is neatly laid out and includes a materials list and difficulty rating of 1 through 5 stars. Not confident with typical origami directions? Go straight to the online video instructions by following the link provided or scan the QR code with your phone. Twenty-seven videos accompany this book. I folded the Hakobu and Hinode - Crane Place Card Holders. Their exotic looks and usefulness appeal to me. They are popular on Etsy. Each crane model has a 3-star difficulty rating. Both designs are first-time folds for me. For the Hinode crane, I followed the online video instructions. The videos are well done. I moved through the folds quickly, easily, and smoothly. For the Hakobu crane model, I followed the printed instructions. Folding symbols and basic folds are explained and shown at the start of this book. This system of symbols, arrows, and diagram notations communicate each step. It's known as the Yoshizawa-Randlett system and has become the standard worldwide. I found the directions straightforward. The variety of projects makes this book an excellent year-round reference. I counted 47 projects. Add a handmade touch to your festivities with paper! Project templates are at the back of the book. See excerpts below. Herbert Press released this 160-page paperback on November 22, 2022. Get your copy below!


Paper and Tools
How to Read Origami Instructions and Symbols

 Pretty Pentagon Flower (cover)
 Fabulous Flower Vase (cover)
 Majestic Swan
Place Card Holders
 Hinode Crane
 Hakobu Crane
 Geometric Base
Napkin Rings
 Eight Petal Flower
 Flamboyant Flamingo

Colorful Doves
Beautiful Blossom

Rose Wall Panel
Brilliant Butterflies
Square Flowers

Windmill Tiles
Diamond Tiles
Square Flower Tiles

Basic Crane
Feathered Crane
Sandhill Crane
Exotic Crane
Tant Crane
Romantic Rose
Proud Parrot

Basic Wrapping
Pleat Fold Wrapping
Kimono-style Wrapping
Pocket Wrapping
Suit-style Wrapping
Wine Gift Bag
Ribbons and Decorations
 Miniature Crane
 Simple Ribbon Bow
 Ribbon Knot
 String Flower
 Collage Gift Wrap

Kaleidoscope Flower
Paper Doll in Kimono
Let it Snow!

Paper Strip Decorations
 Assembling the Links
Spooky Bat
Halloween Garland
Festive Ornament
Christmas Tree


About the Author

Place Card Holders - Hinode Crane project.

Hanging decoration.

Paper Gifts - Introduction.

Wine Gift Bag project.

Wall Art - Introduction and Brilliant Butterflies project.

Proud Parrot project.

Kimono-style Wrapping project.

Paper doll in a kimono for a greeting card.

Paper strip decorations -  hearts, baubles and balls.

Gift Wrapping

Wrapping plays an important role in Japanese culture and key wrapping styles are practiced and explored in this book.

Table Decorations

From centerpieces, to place cards and napkin rings. Making table decorations is a fun introduction to decorative origami.

Seasonal Decorations

Create your own gorgeous origami Christmas Tree or a Halloween Garland to add a chilling touch to any trick-or-treat party!

Wall Art

Paper art panels are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of event.

Paper Gifts

If you are looking for handmade gift ideas, papercraft is more beginner-friendly than other art forms and the creative opportunities that it offers are endless.

Hanging Decorations

They create a romantic, dreamlike atmosphere when made in batches and hung together in an impressive display.

Above and below is the Hakobu crane - place card holder I folded with a single sheet of 15 cm square (6") Chiyogami paper. The handmade Japanese paper has a leaves pattern. For the place card, I cut a piece of white paper. It fits perfectly.

Origami and Kirigami for the Home ISBN 9781789940824 is available worldwide at Bloomsbury Publishing. They have generously offered to giveaway a copy! One winner will be selected at random. Open until December 10, 2022. Canadian and US addresses only. Good luck!

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Traditional Japanese Origami Kit Review & GIVEAWAY

New! From the Editors of Chartwell Books, it's Traditional Japanese Origami: Easy to Follow Instructions for 10 Classic Folds. This attractively boxed kit has everything you need to get started. It includes a 64-page instruction booklet and 80 sheets of origami paper. The paper is beautiful - I love the Asian-inspired designs with their elegant gold reverses. There are twenty colorful patterns in total. Each sheet measures a classic 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15cm). The paper folds very well. It's loose-leaf paper held together with a paper band. The booklet has diagram and text instructions for ten traditional origami models - traditional meaning they have existed in Japanese culture for a long time. The instructions utilize the Yoshizawa-Randlett system of folding. It's a system of symbols, arrows, and diagram notations that communicate the steps. This system has become the standard worldwide - making it possible for anyone to learn origami. There are ten models to choose from - the classic crane, a practical star box, an action model fox head, a fir tree that looks like a potted Christmas tree, and more. My personal favorite is the star box. This beautiful kit would make a great gift - or a fun Christmas Eve activity! See excerpts and the table of contents below. Chartwell Books released this kit on September 6, 2022. Get your copy below!

Table of Contents

Origami Folding Symbols

Japanese House

Fir Tree



Flapping Bird


Fox Head




Origami Star Box. Folded with paper from the kit.

Origami Star Box folding instructions - continued on page 48.

Origami Sailboat. Folded with paper from the kit.

Origami Folding Symbols

Origami Folding Symbols continued.

This shows four of the beautiful paper patterns found in the kit.

My kit - book and paper pack in the box. 

Traditional Japanese Origami ISBN-13 : 978-0785841340 is available worldwide at Chartwell Books. Chartwell Books is an imprint of the Quarto Publishing Group USA. They have generously offered to giveaway a copy! One winner will be selected at random. Open until December 5, 2022. Canadian and US addresses only. Good luck!

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Saturday, November 05, 2022

Cabinet of Curiosities Sticker Book Review & GIVEAWAY

Hot off the press! The Cabinet of Curiosities features over 1,000 curated stickers from the fascinating collections of the Smithsonian. This marvelous book of stickers gets its name from a "cabinet of curiosities." The term describes a cabinet filled with interesting objects and/or collectibles for viewing. The world-renowned Smithsonian Institution is a group of museums, education, and research centers in the USA. It has 21 museums and a zoo, 155.5 million museum objects and specimens, 2.2 million library volumes, and 2,961 scholarly publications. The images on these stickers are from the Smithsonian's extensive collections and include - sea life, insects, flowers, birds, animals, and much more. There are over one thousand stickers with options on - size, shape, color, and subject matter. I love the variety. There is one sticker per design. The stickers are on book pages that measure 16.51 x 21.08 cm (6.5 x 8.3 inches). The stickers come in all sizes - from tiny to full page and everything in between. All of the backing pages have a pretty teal-colored floral pattern. Most are full-color stickers. Some are black and white or sepia. I love the sticker's matte finish - it gives them a subtle, natural look. The color and detail are remarkable. So is the paper and print quality. The sticker designs have a slight border around them. I found the stickers easy to remove from the book pages. They did not tear. The stickers stick as they should. So far, I've put them on paper and card stock. I'm using them to decorate my origami. I worked out a cost of about 0.04 cents US per sticker. The book weighs ‎2.13 pounds (964 g). This publication brings together a mix of beautiful, unique, and high-quality stickers. How would you use them? I've listed a bunch of ideas at the end of this post. See excerpts below. Andrews McMeel Publishing released this 304-page hardcover on November 1, 2022. Get your copy below!

Photos I took of my copy. A small sample of the stickers.

The Cabinet of Curiosities ISBN: 978-0789340238 is available at Andrews McMeel Publishing. They have generously offered to giveaway a copy! One winner will be selected at random. Open until November 23, 2022. USA addresses only. Good luck!

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Ways to Use Stickers

Art and Craft
Paper craft, collage, mixed media
Scrapbook, sketchbook 
Wall art
 Frame them
Vision boards
Handmade or homemade items

 Diary, journal
Envelopes, stationery, seals
Invitations, notes, postcards
Cards (birthday, Christmas, thank you etc.) 

Media boxes
Storage boxes with lids
Hat boxes
Glass jars
Plastic containers 
Wooden boxes
Tool boxes

Bulletin boards
Gift wrap, gift boxes/bags/tags
Picture frames
Mail boxes
Magazine holders
Shoe boxes
Flower pots

Notebooks, planners
Desk pads
Binders, files, folders
School supplies
Desk organizers
Filing cabinets

Place cards, menus
Banners, signs
 Favors, loot bags

Lunch boxes
Paper bags
Plastic bags
Place mats

Jewelry boxes
Light and plug covers
Pantry and cabinet doors

Musical Equipment
Sporting Goods
Travel Gear
Personal Items

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Posh: Desk Pad Undated Monthly Calendar Review & GIVEAWAY

Brighten your desk with the Posh: Desk Pad. It's an undated monthly calendar - use it whenever you like. It features a bold, pink floral silhouette design. This colorful calendar is completely customizable! Mark in only what you want. There are twelve monthly calendar pages. The days are arranged weekly from Sunday to Saturday. Fill in the month and day numbers. The one-month-per-page format provides ample space for writing. Its generously sized daily blocks are unruled. There's a lined sidebar space for notes or list-making. The calendar measures 10 x 13 inches. The single-page, lay-flat design is comfortable to write on. It also provides an overview of your monthly schedule at-a-glance. The top edge of the paper pad is bound. Just tear off the page when ready. Perforated pages make this easy. This desk pad is ideal for home, school, or office. See excerpts below. Andrews McMeel Publishing released this 12-page calendar pad on January 7, 2020. Get your copy below!

posh desk pad

12 Monthly Pages
Design: Pink floral silhouette
Calendar dimensions: 10 x 0.2 x 13 inches

Sample months.

Write in your own dates or use the monthly sticker pack from the posh: PLANNER accessories pack to sticker in your dates! It's an add-on.

Cover removed along perforated top edge.

Top-left corner of desk pad.

Bottom left corner of desk pad.

The Posh: Desk Pad, Undated Monthly Calendar ISBN: 9781524854799 is available at Andrews McMeel Publishing. Andrews McMeel Publishing has generously offered to giveaway a copy! One winner will be selected at random. Open until November 9, 2022. USA addresses only. Good luck!

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