Thursday, July 11, 2019

nugoo, Japan - Hand dyed tenugui cloths and accessories

One of the best tenugui (Japanese hand towel) shops in Japan is now open online, in English, with prices in US dollars and shipping worldwide. nugoo features authentic tenugui cloths and accessories in an array of classic and contemporary designs. Tenugui (click for pronunciation) is a lightweight 100% cotton fabric that is hand dyed by skilled craftsmen using the chusen technique. They measure approximately 92cm x 32cm (36.22" x 12.60"). In Japanese culture tenugui have a rich history that dates back centuries. They are remarkable for their striking colors and patterns. These works of art have many everyday uses - hand towel, head wear, gift wrap, wall hanging, table setting and so on. The possibilities are endless. This stylish everyday cloth is a staple in Japan and a growing trend outside of it. Get yours below! All orders over $60 US get free standard shipping with coupon code FREESHIPJULY.

Tenugui Moteru Onna, 1920
Hashiguchi Goyo
Woodblock Print
Woman holding a tenugui

nugoo Japan's on-line products include - tenugui, bento® lunch wraps, square cloth scarves, tea, accessories and greeting cards. Their online shop is in English, with prices in US dollars and worldwide shipping. You may also check prices in 14 different currencies including the Canadian dollar, British pound and Euro. Founded in 2006 nugoo also has five retail stores and a cafe in and around Tokyo.


  1. I've never heard of them, but this sounds interesting!

  2. I learned that nugoo also has five retail stores and a cafe in and around Tokyo.

  3. I love hand dyed clothes!


  4. Oh, I will look into this as I like the manner in which their products are dyed and the availability of stores in Japan.

  5. Very beautiful pieces! I love the look of the hand dyed clothing

  6. I was not familiar with this site, but I am in love with the many fabric choices. I have bookmarked this for further study and likely purchase.