Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Art of Stone Painting Review

The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity – by F. Sehnaz Bac, released January 18, 2017 by Dover Publications. Expert stone painter and archaeologist Sehnaz shows you how to turn ordinary stones into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, art pieces. Presented with large, full-color photographs and text, her 96 page paperback has instructions for 30 handmade projects– simple to advanced. Use stones decoratively, as keepsakes, paper weights, and door stops. You can even turn pebbles into jewelry! Her detailed designs are very appealing. She favors bold colors and vivid designs. Tools and materials include brushes, acrylic paints, paint pens, acrylic inks and varnish. Sehnaz shares her process from beginning to end. You will learn how to find, choose and prepare stones for painting, stone painting and design techniques, sealing and protecting painted stones. Finished stones are water resistant. To clean, just wipe with a soft cloth. Sehnaz sells her work on Etsy. Inspired to paint your own collection? Get your copy below.
Table of Contents


Flourishing Tree
Leaf Collection
Simple Flowers
Blooming Botanicals
Sea Themes

Friendly Fish
Elegant Feathers
Cool Cacti
A Frog's Pad
Cheerful Hearts

Simple Mandalas
Geometric Art
Simple Birds
Simple Butterflies & Dragonflies
Structured Doodles

Sun Stone, Moon Stone 
Detailed Flowers
Multi-Stone Mandala
Simple Owls

Detailed Mandalas 
Colorful Peacock
Detailed Butterflies & Dragonflies
Folk Abstract
Festive Themes

Fanciful Birds
Eye-Catching Elephants
Monochrome Mandalas
Pebble Pendants
Detailed Owls
About the Author


Birds, Owls, and Flowers

Pebble Pendants

The Art of Stone Painting is available worldwide at Dover Publications. Dover, Great Books, Variety & Value Since 1941. Check out their catalog at Dover Publications.


  1. The video makes it look so simple.Beautiful pieces.

  2. These stones are just lovely. The stone pendants are truly unique. What a nice personalized keepsake you can give someone.

  3. It's difficult to choose a favorite when they are all so beauiful but i do love Simple Butterflies & Dragonflies

  4. Love the Birds , Owls and Flowers , so much color.

  5. I like the Pebble Pendants, the lace designs are beautiful.

  6. I like the pebble pendants!


  7. Amazing i just love these stone fav is Birds, Owls, and Flowers...

  8. I love the Detailed animals, especially Owl & Elephants!

  9. How beautiful!!! My favourite is the owl with the pink eyes.

  10. I love the animals - especially the birds.
    Marlene V

  11. I love the cat but also like the Mandalas.

  12. The Birds, Owls and Feathers I Love Owls with their Big Eyes reminds me of My Daughter 8)

  13. My favourite is the Owl (pink and turquoise)

  14. My favorite stone paintings would be the Mandalas because I love how intricate the designs are.

  15. I like the bird design very best!!!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  16. My favorite are the Pebble Pendants. Really though I do like many others as well.

  17. I love the Mandalas.

  18. They're all really neat!I love the cat and the owls!I would also love seeing the peacock and some of the other designs.