Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Art of Mindful Origami

The Art of Mindful Origami: Soothe the Mind with 15 Beautiful Origami Projects and Accompanying Mindfulness Exercises by Richard Chambers just released from Exisle Publishing Australia. The author, a clinical psychologist, uses the ancient art of origami to develop mindfulness – being present and focused in our lives. His 120 page paperback contains instructions for 15 origami projects and 30 sheets of tear-out style folding paper. All of the origami projects are paired with exercises that explore mindfulness and it's benefits. Many will appreciate the large diagram instructions, plus text, and the large, easier to fold, 10" x 10" patterned folding paper with white reverses. 15 have nature inspired patterns and 15 have patterns you can colour. The origami projects vary in difficulty, though all designs use square paper. Following each origami project is an exercise in mindfulness. Sample topics include breathing, giving, and transition. The results of which are quite remarkable – awareness, clarity, calm and more. Delight in your paper creations and improve your health and well-being. Get your copy below!


Before you fold
The history of origami
Mindful origami
How to use this book
Basic folding techniques

Gift Box
Drinking Cup
Sail Boat
Samurai Helmet
Puppy Face
Jumping Frog
Pine Tree

Origami Heart

Origami Heart. Folded from a single square of 5" handmade Japanese paper. I gave it to someone special.

The Art of Mindful Origami is available worldwide at Exisle Publishing. Love Aussie books? Check out their catalog at Exisle Publishing.

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