Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Kimono, Vanishing Tradition Review

Kimono, Vanishing Tradition: Japanese Textiles of the 20th Century, 2nd Edition, by Cheryl Imperatore (Author), Paul MacLardy (Author), and Tena Turner (Contributor) released February 2, 2016 by Schiffer Publishing. This is a revised and expanded second edition. The kimono, a traditional Japanese garment, once worn on a daily basis, is today worn mostly on special or formal occasions. Simply, a kimono is a full-length robe with long sleeves, it is secured in place with a decorative belt and includes various accessories, yet the kimono has a great many subtleties. This beautiful, 8 1/2″ x 11″ hardcover publication will help you gain a greater understanding of the kimono and it's influences. It's colorful 256 pages take you through the evolution of the kimono, from it's ancient origins to the modern garment of today. I return again and again to the remarkable photos, over 525 of them. It's easy to see how the kimono has charmed people around the world. While it remains an important part of Japanese ritual, ceremony and celebration, it's beauty, style and aesthetic appeals globally making it an enduring fashion statement. I have one! I looked it up in this book and discovered it's called a Yukata, a lightweight summer kimono. I adore it. I bought it at a second hand store. The US based authors gained their knowledge and expertise from decades of buying, selling and collecting Japanese kimonos and textiles. Looking for sophisticated display, inspiration and/or reference? Get your copy below!


Introduction to the 2nd Edition

1. History
2. Yukata - Cotton Robes
3. Nagajuban - Undergarments
4. Women's Kimono
5. Tomesode - Kimono for Formal Occasions
6. The Obi and Accessories
7. Women's Hoori - Short Silk Jackets
8. Michiyuki - Overcoats
9. Men's Apparel
10. Uchikake and Furisode
11. Children's Kimono
12. Furoshiki & Fukusa - Ceremonial Cloths
13. Religious & Ceremonial Wear
14. Fragments Into Finery - Japanese Textiles Renewed


Kimono, Vanishing Tradition is available worldwide at Schiffer Publishing. Schiffer Publishing is a leading independent publisher of books catering to people's passion's. Check out their catalog at Schiffer Publishing.

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  1. Wow, I never realized how simple it would be to sew up a kimono. I don't sew as much as I used to be when something catches my eye like these beauties, I must get out my machine and try it! Thanks for the review.

  2. I love sewing during the winter months what a great project this would be! Thanks

  3. These are all so lovely! Such a beautiful artistic style of clothing. Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at) aol.com

  4. I've always loved the elegant grace of a Kimono! Thanks for sharing this post :) I'd love to make one of these beautiful Kimonos!

  5. Wow! I thought I knew a lot about the kimono but obviously not! Gotta research more to keep my ancestral heritage alive! akronne17@gmail.com

  6. I have a kimono style robe from when my sister lived in China. I'm not sure how the ties are used as they are very long. I made a kitchen curtain from pieced blocks of different styles of kimonos. The colours don't suit the new kitchen colours; maybe I'll make another one in different colours.

  7. I am all for keeping the tradition of the kimono alive and well. So many artistic forms of a culture's heritage are lost. Keep it alive for future generations. They are truly beautiful.

  8. This looks so informative but straightforward and easy to get addicted to. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Those are some beautiful kimonos!!

  10. How gorgeous these kimonos are! I've always loved them.

  11. I've always loved the elegant grace of a Kimono! I would love to have one.