Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Kumihimo Jewelry Simplified Review

Kumihimo Jewelry Simplified: Learn to Braid with a Kumihimo Disk – by Rebecca Ann Combs, released March 18, 2016 by Kalmbach Books. Kumihimo is the traditional Japanese technique of braiding. It is a centuries-old art form that today can be done with a kumihimo disk, a modern, compact braiding disk that lets you create braids with flexible cord or wire. Simply set up your fiber on the disk and then move it around the disk in a pattern forming a beautiful braid. The technique is simple and yields dozens of complex and intriguing patterns perfect for jewelry making. In her 128 page paperback experienced kumihimo instructor Rebecca shows you how to make 26 pieces of contemporary jewelry using the kumihimo braiding disk. She begins with a thorough introduction to kumihimo, followed by comprehensive instructions for 5 different braids. These 5 kumihimo braids serve as the starting point for the 26 sophisticated bracelet and necklace projects. Project instructions are meticulous and include a supply list and text, diagram and photograph instruction. The results are impressive. This is Ms Combs second book on kumihimo jewelry making, the first a best seller in it's category. Get your copy below!



Kumihimo Toolkit
Braiding Fibers and Other supplies
Kumihimo Math

Chapter 1:  Eight-Warp Basket Weave
Double-Take Necklace
In the Loop Bracelet
Rodeo Queen Bracelet
Pirouette Necklace

Chapter 2:  Eight-Warp Half-Round Braid
Charm Bracelet
Leather Wrap Bracelet
Harmony Necklace
Mythic Adventure Cuff

Chapter 3:  Eight-Warp Square Braid
Midnight's Treasure Necklace
Stretch Goal Bracelet
Crystal Morning Necklace
Bridge Bracelet

Chapter 4:  16-Warp Hollow Braid
Check Me Out Necklace & Bracelet
Silk Ribbon Lariat
My Garden Bracelet
The Ombraid Bracelet

Chapter 5:  16-Warp Trapezoid Braid
Ancient Geometry Necklace & Bracelet
Bling Bracelet
The Waterfall Necklace
Triple-Threat Bracelet

Chapter 6  Mixed Messages
On the Vine Necklace
Sampler Necklace
Sunset by the Lake Bracelet
Mighty Micro Braids Necklace

Acknowledgments and About the Author

Chapter 2:  Charm Bracelet

Chapter 2:  Leather Wrap Bracelet

Chapter 5:  Triple-Threat Bracelet

Kumihimo Jewelry Simplified is available worldwide at Kalambach Publishing's Jewelry & Beading STORECheck out their catalog at Kalmbach Publishing Co.

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  1. This does look easy enough. I like the pink charm bracelet.