Saturday, May 21, 2016

MagPOP! Magnesium Glycinate by Orange Naturals Review & Free Sample

I just finished my 3 packet sample of MagPop Magnesium Glycinate a new magnesium infused effervescent drink with magnesium glycinate, vitamin C and electrolytes from Orange Naturals. To use, empty the single-serve MagPop packet into a glass and add 150 to 250 ml of water, or to taste. The individual packets are handy, they save measuring and are highly portable but I found it difficult to get some of the MagPop out because it stuck to the insides of the packet. To avoid waste I brushed it off. With the addition of water it dissolved completely, I stirred. MagPop has an effervescent, light orange taste. I'm not a fan of sugar substitutes Stevia and Xylitol but their taste is not overpowering. After only 3 samples of MagPop I noticed an improvement in my health, I slept better! I love how good it is for me and that it's made in Canada. Came with a $4 off coupon. I recommend. Canadian residents sign up for your free sample at socialnature.

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