Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Geometric Origami Review

Geometry comes to life in these amazing origami paper sculptures! Geometric Origami: Easy to Follow Instructions For 10 Geometric and Modular Folds, by world renowned origami artist Nick Robinson released January 19, 2016 by Rock Point Gift & Stationery. Includes a 63 page book with step-by-step instructions for 10 origami models and 70 sheets of colorful 6" x 6" folding paper with graphic patterns and solids, and matte silver reverses. Modular origami refers to models that are folded with multiple pieces of paper. Enjoy the thrill of discovery that comes from folding your own 2 and 3 dimensional geometric works of art! Designed for novices. Would make a unique gift. Get your copy below.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Geometric Origami
Symbols for How to Fold Origami
Origami Step-By-Step Fold Instructions

Triangular Bipyramid
Hexagonal Knot
8-Pointed Star
Bisected Tetrahedron
Sunken Octahedron
Hollow Octahedron
Entwined Star
Modular Cube

Triangular Bipyramid folded by yours truly.

Geometric Origami is available worldwide at Rock Point Gift & Stationery, a division of Quarto. Rock Point Gift & Stationery features creative products including journals, kits, gift books, and calendars.


  1. I like the cool multicolored geometric pattern--but maybe I like the green and gold pattern even better!

  2. I like folding origami, looks neat

  3. I have loved origami since I was a child!! Love the ideas here.

  4. I love origami - this looks like an awsome pyramid!!!

  5. Love the colours and patterns

  6. so fun! My daughter wants to learn Origami!

  7. I've always been fascinated with Origami!

  8. Fun book made even better by the fun printed paper accompanying!

  9. I learned there are many ways to make geometric origami and the book would help.

  10. I love the beautiful designs on the paper! Beautiful art!

  11. I am interested in all forms of Origami

  12. There are many ways to fold geometric origami. This book sounds fun!