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Perfect Gift Wrapping Ideas - Review & Giveaway

Origami Gift Box
The perfect little gift box! From Perfect Gift Wrapping Ideas: 101 Ways to Personalize Your Gift Using Simple, Everyday Materials by Hiroe Miyaoka. This is Chapter two's folded Gift Box, instead of newspaper I used 8 1/4" Kimono Pattern Origami PaperI love the box's vibrant colors and crisp fold lines. It measures 3 x 3 x 1 1/2 inches deep and has a slightly bigger matching lid. You can easily make the box larger or smaller. Step-by-step photographs along with minimal text show you how. A wonderful resource for anyone who likes to present beautifully wrapped gifts using materials found around the home. Get your copy below!


Enjoy Wrapping in Everyday Life

CHAPTER 1  Basic Lessons in Gift Wrapping
Let's Start Wrapping
Tools for Wrapping
Typing and Binding Materials
Decorating Materials and Little Extras

Make Your Gift Wrapping Personal

Wrapping Ideas--Match the Wrapping Materials to the Gift
Craft Paper Bottle Wraps
Tissue Paper Garment Wraps
Wax Paper Stationery Wraps
Glassine Paper Food Wrappers
Crepe Paper & Kitchen Utensils
Washi Paper Umbrella Wraps
Fabric Potted Plant Wrapper

Little Extra Touches for a Lovely Wrapping
Narrow Ribbons
Using Washi Tape
Sealing Wax

CHAPTER 2  Wrapping with Materials You Have on Hand
Paper Bags Can Take on Many Shapes
Make a Newspaper Gift Box
Turn an Envelope into a Tetra Gift Wrapper
Packaging Materials Make Great Casual Wrappings
Baking Paper for a Simple Bouquet
Paper Cups and Egg Cartons Create a Lunch Box
Glass Jars Make Reusable Wrappings
A Collage from Recycled Wrapping Paper

CHAPTER 3  Wrapping with Handmade Materials
Mix Materials to Make Tags and Labels
Easy-to-make Wrapping Paper
Dyed Paper for an Antique Look
Favorite Papers Get the Wax Treatment
Make a Cut-and-paste Collage Box
Lots of Paper Bags to Make
Make a Casual Gift Envelope
Make a Paper Bag with Handles

CHAPTER 4  Techniques for Beautiful Gift Wrapping
Seam Line Wrapping
Diagonal Wrapping
Square Wrapping
Twist and Tie Wrapping
Pillow Box Wrapping
Pillar Wrapping
Tying a Bow
Horizontal Single Bow / Vertical Single Bow / Crucifix Bow
Bow Tied on a V / Bow Tied Diagonally
Single Loop / Triple Loop

Special wrapping lesson
Next-level Techniques

Photocopy and use over and over!
Wrapping Extras

Special Tips

Perfect Gift Wrapping Ideas is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Stores and worldwide at Tuttle Publishing. Check out their unique catalog, rooted in Asian culture, language and history at Tuttle Publishing.

Tuttle Publishing has generously offered to giveaway a copy of Perfect Gift Wrapping Ideas! One winner will be selected at random. Good luck! Open until September 5, 2015, Canadian and USA addresses only.

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