Monday, July 07, 2014

Origami Crane Platter

This is the quick and easy to make Origami Crane Platter from All-Purpose Origami by Boutique Sha. It's a handy serving paper or paper towel napkin. I made it using an ordinary paper towel. It can also be made of parchment, wax, tempura serving or hanshi calligraphy papers. There are 4 attractive variations in the book. The 96 page paperback published by Vertical, Inc., of New York contains a whopping 75 useful origami projects. You can't beat it for value. Add a personal touch to the everyday with functional origami. Check out the tutorial and get your copy below!

Table of Contents

Crane Container
Congratulatory Crane Container
Small Crane Box
Basket A
Basket B
Basket C
Basket D
Candy Box
Pocket Dish A
Pocket Dish B
Winnowing Basket
Decorative Box A
Decorative Box B
Stand A
Stand B
Stacked Box
Box with Lid
Coin Purse
Wastepaper Box A
Wastepaper Box B
Chinese Vase
Eight-Point Star Dish
Square Dish A
Square Dish B

Bunny Pouch
Kitty Pouch
Puppy Pouch
Gift Pouch A
Gift Pouch B
Gift Pouch C
Heart Pouch
Crane Pouch A
Crane Pouch B
Shirt Bag
Square Pouch A
Square Pouch B
Sweets Packet
Herb Packet
Pyramid Packet

Good Wishes Platter
Crane Platter A
Crane Platter B
Crane Platter C
Crane Platter D
Coaster A
Teapot Trivet
Coaster B
Teapot Trivet B
Memo Stand A
Memo Stand B
Coaster C

Kissing Cranes Chopsticks Rest
Peacock Chopsticks Rest
Crane Chopsticks Rest
Double Cranes Chopsticks Rest
Puppy Chopsticks Rest
Bird Chopsticks Rest
Lucky Knot Chopsticks Rest

Crane A Chopsticks Envelope
Crane B Chopsticks Envelope
Crane C Chopsticks Envelope
Crane D Chopstick Envelope
Dolls A Chopsticks Envelop
Dolls B Chopsticks Envelope
Helmet Chopsticks Envelope
Carp Banner Chopsticks Envelope
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope A
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope B
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope C

All-Purpose Origami is available worldwide at Penguin Random HouseVertical translates the best contemporary Japanese books. Check out their unique catalog at Vertical Publishing.

Tutorial: Origami Crane Platter (Paper Towel Napkin)

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