Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dollar Store Origami Box

Dollar Store Origami Boxes
This simple origami box requires 1 piece of paper for the top and 1 for the bottom. I used square origami paper and stickers from Dollarama. 100 sheets cost $1, there are 10 different sizes of paper in the package (essential for this project). 300 stickers cost $1.25. Use the tutorial below to make your own. These boxes are for a children's origami workshop I'm teaching at the library.

Dollar Store Origami Box
The pink box is a nice size at just under 7 x 7cm. The bottom is made from a 19cm square, the top 20cm, so that it fits nicely over the bottom.

Dollar Store Origami Box
The green box is a tiny 4cm x 4cm. The bottom is made from an 11cm square, the top 12cm. The stickers are decorative, no scissors, tape or glue used. Please check out my video; let me know what you think.

Tutorial: Dollar Store Origami Box


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