Monday, July 07, 2014

Origami Crane Platter

This is the quick and easy to make Origami Crane Platter from All-Purpose Origami by Boutique Sha. It's a handy serving paper or paper towel napkin. I made it using an ordinary paper towel. It can also be made of parchment, wax, tempura serving or hanshi calligraphy papers. There are 4 attractive variations in the book. The 96 page paperback published by Vertical, Inc., of New York contains a whopping 75 useful origami projects. You can't beat it for value. Add a personal touch to the everyday with functional origami. Check out the tutorial and get your copy below!

Table of Contents

Crane Container
Congratulatory Crane Container
Small Crane Box
Basket A
Basket B
Basket C
Basket D
Candy Box
Pocket Dish A
Pocket Dish B
Winnowing Basket
Decorative Box A
Decorative Box B
Stand A
Stand B
Stacked Box
Box with Lid
Coin Purse
Wastepaper Box A
Wastepaper Box B
Chinese Vase
Eight-Point Star Dish
Square Dish A
Square Dish B

Bunny Pouch
Kitty Pouch
Puppy Pouch
Gift Pouch A
Gift Pouch B
Gift Pouch C
Heart Pouch
Crane Pouch A
Crane Pouch B
Shirt Bag
Square Pouch A
Square Pouch B
Sweets Packet
Herb Packet
Pyramid Packet

Good Wishes Platter
Crane Platter A
Crane Platter B
Crane Platter C
Crane Platter D
Coaster A
Teapot Trivet
Coaster B
Teapot Trivet B
Memo Stand A
Memo Stand B
Coaster C
Kissing Cranes Chopsticks Rest
Peacock Chopsticks Rest
Crane Chopsticks Rest
Double Cranes Chopsticks Rest
Puppy Chopsticks Rest
Bird Chopsticks Rest
Lucky Knot Chopsticks Rest
Crane A Chopsticks Envelope
Crane B Chopsticks Envelope
Crane C Chopsticks Envelope
Crane D Chopstick Envelope
Dolls A Chopsticks Envelop
Dolls B Chopsticks Envelope
Helmet Chopsticks Envelope
Carp Banner Chopsticks Envelope
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope A
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope B
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope C 

All-Purpose Origami is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Random HouseVertical translates the best contemporary Japanese books. Check out their unique catalog at Vertical Publishing.

Tutorial: Origami Crane Platter (Paper Towel Napkin)


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