Wednesday, April 12, 2017

About Sketching Review & GIVEAWAY

About Sketching: The Art and Practice of Capturing the Moment by Jasper Salwey is a 176 page Paperback – released Apr 19 2017 from Dover Publications. This Dover edition, first published in 2017, is an unabridged republication of the work originally published as The Art and Practice of Sketching: It's History and Technique in All Media, by B. T. Batsford, Ltd., London, in 1930. Jasper Salwey (1884–1956), a British artist and architect, wrote several sought after books on drawing. In his forward, Leonard Squirrell, says "This is not a volume of dull and passionless information, ... but an illuminating and understanding survey of an immense subject..." In his preface Salwey says that the main object of this book is to encourage the practice of sketching. He then goes on to discuss the relevance and importance of sketching. 66 plates are included as examples. These illustrations are in black and white except for those on the book cover. This book is suitable for students of art and artists. Get your copy below!


Foreword by Leonard Squirrell, R.E.

I. The Art of Sketching

II. Media and Methods
Lead Pencil
Carbon Pencil and Crayon
Red Chalk
Coloured Chalks
Charcoal and Colour
Direct Oil-Colour
Pen and Ink

III. The Practice of Sketching
Interior Subjects
Figure Sketching
Landscape Sketching
Sketching Seascape
Sketching Architecture

Index to Text and Illustrations

Out of print no more!

About Sketching is available worldwide at Dover Publications. Dover, Great Books, Variety & Value Since 1941. Check out their catalog at Dover Publications. Dover has generously offered to giveaway a copy! One winner will be selected at random. Open until April 26, 2017. Prize includes free shipping Canada & USA. Good luck!


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