Saturday, August 02, 2014

Origami Book Cover

This is the Origami Book Cover from Everyday Papercraft, Paper-Folding Projects for the Home and Beyond by Keiko Komatsubara published by Vertical, Inc., New York. It's just one of 40 paper craft projects in the book. I love the neat, clean look and the adjustable pocket is perfect for tucking in a bookmark or memento. Inside, fitted corners ensure a great fit. Use decoratively, to keep your books in the best condition or both. A solid design. Paper needs to be at most 2 x the length and 4 x the width of the book you want to cover. Use your favorite paper, I chose to recycle a map. An elastic band is optional. Check out my easy tutorial and get your copy below!



Mini Notebook
Notebook with Bookmark
Account Book with Folder
Pen Case with Lid
Slim Pen Case
Slim Folder
Bag Receipt Case
Pen Stand and Memo Holder
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Memo Stand
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Cube Box
Odds-and-Ends Box
Receipt Case
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Book Cover with Tail
Origami Book Cover
House Gift Box
Gift Bag
Clothing Gift Bag
Photo Frame
Bathroom Tissue Box
Pocket Tissue Box

Technical guide
Let's Make Some Objects!
Hand-Made Papercrafts: Production Hints

Everyday Papercraft is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Random House. Vertical translates the best contemporary Japanese books. Check out their unique catalog at Vertical Publishing.

Tutorial: Origami Book Cover w/ Pocket