Thursday, January 27, 2011

Origami Sticky Note Lily

Origami Lily
From origami sticky note - origami sticky note lily (both below) - origami lily (above). I found this design in the Origami Sticky Note Pad by suckUK. Each 7.5cm square yellow pad has instructions for 10 authentic origami designs, beginners or advanced. They also function as sticky notes, 100 pages per block. Recycle your old sticky notes and turn them into fun 3D origami models. And they are fun, everyone wants to have a go. No scissors, glue or tape used. Please check out the tutorial below.

The Origami Sticky Note Pad is available in my USA aStore  and worldwide from suckUK who have a unique catalogue of perfectly designed gifts, accessories and items for the home.

Tutorial: Origami Lily


  1. These are one of my favorite origami things to make! I believe its also the first one I learned how to do :)

  2. thanks for your comment Roxy!