Monday, September 01, 2014

Origami Ikebana Giveaway

I love the origami flower folds in Origami Ikebana by Benjamin John Coleman, published by Tuttle of Vermont. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The author combines the principles of ikebana, origami and makigami (paper rolling) to create beautiful paper flower arrangements. This is the Buttercup, one of about 30 variations of the Basic Flower Form. A single sheet of paper is required to make it, I used an 11 cm square of dollar store origami paper. Coleman uses the innovative Glow-Fold method of paper folding, a diagramming technique he developed to simplify origami instructions. There are also lessons on how to make leaves, stems and bases all from paper and then fit them together. An instructional DVD is included. Get your copy below! Paper flowers are always in bloom.

How to Use This Book
Introducing Glow-Fold Instructions
Symbols, Tips, and Tools
Cutting Paper for Origami Ikebana

The Rotundifolius Leaf
The Ficus Leaf
The Berlin Poplar Leaf
The Ivy Leaf
The Boxwood Leaf
The Bamboo Leaf
The Fern Leaflet
The Micro Leaf

The Black Eyed Susan
The Basic Flower Form
The Michelle
The Curly Michelle
The Primrose
The Thistle
The Bud
The Phlox
The Phlox with Stamens
The Ipecac
The Banana
The Banana with Stamens
The Fleur de Lis
The Buttercup
The Pumpkin Flower
The Morning Glory
The Morning Glory with Stamens
The Short Shooting Star
The Bunchberry
The Trillium
The Hippeastrum
The Scorpion Weed
The Clematis
The Dragon Head
The Solanum
The Posey
The Long Shooting Star
The Pyrola
The Cranesbill
The Snap Dragon
The Droopy
The Foxglove
The Daisy
The Corolla
The Lady Slipper

Using Flowers in Assemblies
The Columbine Flower Assembly
The Double Dip Flower Assembly

Painting Leaves and Flowers
Making Rocks and Boulders
Painting the Rocks and Boulders
Introduction to Makigami
Assembling Origami Ikebana

Origami Ikebana is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Stores and worldwide at Tuttle Publishing. Check out their unique catalog, rooted in Asian culture, language and history at Tuttle Publishing.

Tuttle Publishing has generously offered to giveaway a copy of Origami Ikebana! One winner will be selected at random. Good luck! Open until September 15, 2014, Canadian and USA addresses only.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paper London

This is veteran paper engineer Kell Black's dynamic Paper London published by the UK's, Ivy Press. From the Beatles Abbey Road to the Royals Westminster Abbey create models of some of London's historic treasures, then tour the wonders of a miniature London, includes the iconic telephone box, London taxi and double-decker bus. You get 20 die-cut paper templates ready to press out and build, instructions, and a map showing the location of each. You need a ruler and some white glue to make the world famous replicas take shape. It's educational, fun and creative, perfect for those interested in history, architecture, want to learn about or simply love London. I love London and am finding assembling the models nostalgic and relaxing. Get yours below!

A Note on the Selection of the Models
General Instructions for Assembling the Models
A Map of London
Building London
London Templates
BT Tower
Double-decker Bus
Nelson's Column
Abbey Road
Number 10
Horse Guard
Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
St Paul's Cathedral
The Gherkin
Tower of London
London Taxi
Olympic Stadium
Tower Bridge
Tate Modern
London Eye
Telephone Box
Shakespeare's Globe
One Canada Square

Tower Bridge Template

Paper London is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and in the UK at Ivy Press. Ivy Press is an innovative publisher and packager of creative, highly illustrated books and stationery. Check out their charming catalog at Ivy Press

Friday, August 08, 2014

Origami Flowers Kit Giveaway

This is the pretty Petallunia Moon Flower! It's just one of 20 projects in LaFosse & Alexander's Origami Flowers, Lifelike Paper Flowers to Brighten Up Your Life. The boxed kit, published by Tuttle includes 180 folding papers, a full-color instructional booklet and DVD. You get 2 sizes of folding paper, 7 and 15 cm squares in purple, yellow, red, green, orange and pink solids. To make this flower I used five 6 cm squares of handmade Japanese paper, 1 for each petal. Best of all the design is modifiable, add or remove petals to transform the look of the flower! It wasn't difficult to make, I found the instructions very clear but if you get stuck just use the instructional DVD, it's very well done, you can go from project to project. Can you imagine how spectacular a bouquet of paper flowers would look? Get your kit below!

Symbols Key
How to use This booklet and DVD
Categories of Origami Flowers
Origami Flower Materials
Techniques and Tools
Inspirations and Uses

Lily Leaf
Kyoko's Flower
Maple Leaf
Anne's Orchid Ohana Orchid
Orchid Leaf
A Tulip for Betty
Modular Blossom
Clean Leaf
Modular Six-Piece Day Lily
Petallunia Moon Flower
Petal Module Calyx
Petal Modules
Star Flowers
Canday Blossom
A Rose for Irene
Rose Calyx
Cullen's Flower
Going Beyond This Kit

Origami Flowers is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Stores and worldwide at Tuttle Publishing. Check out their unique catalog, rooted in Asian culture, language and history at Tuttle Publishing

Tuttle has generously offered to giveaway an Origami Flowers Kit! One winner will be selected at random. Good luck! Open until August 23, 2014, Canadian and USA addresses only.

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Tokyo | Tutland, Vermont | Singapore

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Origami Book Cover w/ Pocket

This is the Origami Book Cover from Everyday Papercraft, Paper-Folding Projects for the Home and Beyond by Keiko Komatsubara published by Vertical, Inc., New York. It's just one of 40 paper craft projects in the book. I love the neat, clean look and the adjustable pocket is perfect for tucking in a bookmark or memento. Inside, fitted corners ensure a great fit. Use decoratively, to keep your books in the best condition or both. A solid design. Paper needs to be at most 2 x the length and 4 x the width of the book you want to cover. Use your favorite paper, I chose to recycle a map. An elastic band is optional. Check out my easy tutorial and get your copy below!


Mini Notebook
Notebook with Bookmark
Account Book with Folder
Pen Case with Lid
Slim Pen Case
Slim Folder
Bag Receipt Case
Pen Stand and Memo Holder
Sticky Notebook
Memo Stand
Clip Box
Cube Box
Odds-and-Ends Box
Receipt Case
Card Case
Book Cover with Tail
Origami Book Cover
House Gift Box
Gift Bag
Clothing Gift Bag
Photo Frame
Bathroom Tissue Box
Pocket Tissue Box

Technical guide
Let's Make Some Objects!
Hand-Made Papercrafts: Production Hints

Everyday Papercraft is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Random House. Vertical translates the best contemporary Japanese books. Check out their unique catalog at Vertical Publishing

Tutorial: Origami Book Cover w/ Pocket


Thursday, July 17, 2014

One Minute Paper Airplanes Giveaway

Welcome to the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop hosted by Review Wire Media. My prize is Tuttle Publishing's One Minute Paper Airplanes by Andrew Dewar. The kit includes 12 pop-out paper airplanes, easily assembled in under a minute, a 32 page full-color instruction book and super-charged catapult launcher. My boyfriend Graham and I worked on the kit. I folded and he stapled the paper planes together, then we headed outside. We were amazed at how high and far the airplanes went. I squealed with delight as the planes shot up and zoomed through the air, changed direction, glided or swooped and plunged to the ground. Exciting and thrilling! Hours of learning, outdoor activity and fun. Get your kit below and make sure to stop by The Review Wire for a chance to win the grand prize, a Fathead Wall Decal of your choice!

Tools and Techniques
Test Flying
Flying Tips

Streaking Comet

One Minute Paper Airplanes is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Stores and worldwide at Tuttle Publishing. Check out their unique catalog, rooted in Asian culture, language and history at Tuttle Publishing.

Tuttle has generously offered to giveaway a One Minute Paper Airplanes kit! One winner will be selected at random. Good luck! Open until July 31, 2014, Canadian and USA addresses only.

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Monday, July 07, 2014

Origami Crane Platter (Paper Towel Napkin)

This is the quick and easy to make Origami Crane Platter from All-Purpose Origami by Boutique Sha. It's a handy serving paper or paper towel napkin. I made it using an ordinary paper towel. It can also be made of parchment, wax, tempura serving or hanshi calligraphy papers. There are 4 attractive variations in the book. The 96 page paperback published by Vertical, Inc., of New York contains a whopping 75 useful origami projects. You can't beat it for value. Add a personal touch to the everyday with functional origami. Check out the tutorial and get your copy below!

Table of Contents

Crane Container
Congratulatory Crane Container
Small Crane Box
Basket A
Basket B
Basket C
Basket D
Candy Box
Pocket Dish A
Pocket Dish B
Winnowing Basket
Decorative Box A
Decorative Box B
Stand A
Stand B
Stacked Box
Box with Lid
Coin Purse
Wastepaper Box A
Wastepaper Box B
Chinese Vase
Eight-Point Star Dish
Square Dish A
Square Dish B

Bunny Pouch
Kitty Pouch
Puppy Pouch
Gift Pouch A
Gift Pouch B
Gift Pouch C
Heart Pouch
Crane Pouch A
Crane Pouch B
Shirt Bag
Square Pouch A
Square Pouch B
Sweets Packet
Herb Packet
Pyramid Packet

Good Wishes Platter
Crane Platter A
Crane Platter B
Crane Platter C
Crane Platter D
Coaster A
Teapot Trivet
Coaster B
Teapot Trivet B
Memo Stand A
Memo Stand B
Coaster C
Kissing Cranes Chopsticks Rest
Peacock Chopsticks Rest
Crane Chopsticks Rest
Double Cranes Chopsticks Rest
Puppy Chopsticks Rest
Bird Chopsticks Rest
Lucky Knot Chopsticks Rest
Crane A Chopsticks Envelope
Crane B Chopsticks Envelope
Crane C Chopsticks Envelope
Crane D Chopstick Envelope
Dolls A Chopsticks Envelop
Dolls B Chopsticks Envelope
Helmet Chopsticks Envelope
Carp Banner Chopsticks Envelope
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope A
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope B
Celebratory Chopsticks Envelope C 

All-Purpose Origami is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Random HouseVertical translates the best contemporary Japanese books. Check out their unique catalog at Vertical Publishing.

Tutorial: Origami Crane Platter (Paper Towel Napkin)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Snowflakes, Sunbursts and Stars

Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Stars: 75 Exquisite Paper Designs to Fold, Cut, and Curl by Ayako Brodek and Shannon Voigt144 full color pages published by Kodansha USA. The neatly organized hardcover explores the celestial worlds of origami, kirigami and quilling. First choose your paper craft project from a dazzling array of photos. Gather some basic tools and materials. Learn some techniques. Follow clear step-by-step text and photographic instructions. Finally dress up your creations and use. Most origami projects start with a hexagon base cut from 6" squares. Kirigami 6" squares. Quilling 2" to 5" strips. Each design includes a level of difficulty. I made a striking origami star. Get your copy below!

About this book

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Paper choices
Core techniques

Chapter 3
Quilling designs
Origami designs
Kirigami designs

Chapter 4
Quilled place cards
Origami napkin ring
Kirigami place card
Quilled coasters
Kirigami notecards
Quilled window ornaments
Origami garland
Quilled mobile
Kirigami silhouettes
Origami earrings
Origami gift tags

Authors' acknowledgments

Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Stars is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Kodansha USA. Check out their unique catalog at Kodansha USA

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Girligami Kit Review & Giveaway

Girligami, A fresh, fun, fashionable spin on origami, by Cindy Ng, published by Tuttle of Vermont. "Cindy Ng is an origami designer whose mini-kits and jewelry are sold in museum shops worldwide. Her work has been featured in Real Simple, Elle, and the New York Times." Her kit includes a 64 - page booklet with 18 projects and 60 folding papers. Pre-printed fold lines leave no room for error. Most "models are presented in multiples on a single sheet" so scissors are required to cut them out prior to folding. There is an added section on how to turn your origami creations into various trinkets. A fun folding activity kit for girly girls. Get your copy below!

Making the Connection
Essential Tips
A Guide to Folding Symbols, Terms and Actions

Fashion Runway
Foxy Pumps
Trendy Tote
Dazzle On A Bow
Strapless Dress
Classy Ensemble

Heaven & Earth
Daisy Bunny
Bobo Panda
Lola Kitty
Build A Bamboo Stalk
Beautiful Butterfly
Tulip Garden

Cute Sassy Fun
Cool Cupcake
Secret Love Note
In Hearts We Trust
Lovely Little Laptop
Yay! Presents

Vogue-It Earrings
Cute Pin
Colorific Magnets
Hanging Noetpads
All-Occasion Greeting Cards
Bunny Ornament
Chic Bow

Girligami is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Tuttle Publishing. Check out their unique catalog, rooted in Asian culture, language and history at Tuttle Publishing.

Tuttle has generously offered to giveaway a copy of Girligami! One winner will be selected at random. Good luck! Open until June 22, 2014, Canadian and USA addresses only.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Origami Sweets Box

I folded these gorgeous boxes from single 15 cm squares. The design is from Practical Origami, Folding Your Way to Everyday Accessories by Shufu-no-Tomo, published by Vertical, Inc. of New York. The 160 page paperback presents 75 useful and decorative projects with clear, step-by-step instructional text, diagrams and photographs. It's an inspirational guide to the ancient art of paper folding. You'll learn how to make beautiful packets and boxes perfect for gifting. Easy through difficult. Paper in square and rectangular sizes required. A valuable resource I will return to over and over again because of all the handy projects. A lovely book. Get your copy below!

Basic folds and symbols explained
Materials, tools, tips and tricks
How to Resize Patterns

Part 1
Rectangular Box
Sweets Box
Pound Cake Box
Open Box
Cookie Box
Gift Bag
Deli Box
Lunch Box
Cutlery Case
Square Box
Small Drawer
Two-Tone Box
Bag with Handles

Part 2
Chopsticks Envelope
Pop Chopsticks Envelope
Knotted Chopsticks
Bunny Chopsticks Rest
Hat Chopsticks Rest
Boat Tray
Crane Chopsticks
Cherry Blossom Dish
Serving Paper
Crane Serving Paper
Toothpick Holder
Herb Pouch
Triangle Pouch
Pepper Pouch
Candy Dish
Candy Box
Cutlery Rest
Heart Napkin Ring
Card Stand
Photo Frame

Part 3
Cross Pouch
Cross-Over Pouch
Simple Pouch
Pinwheel Pouches
Four-Corner Pouch
Hexagonal Pouch
Octagon Pouch
Celebratory Envelopes

Part 4
Book Cover 1
Book Cover 2
Book Cover 3
Shirt and Tie Envelope
Shirt and Tie Bag
CD Case
Pen Tray
Desktop Box
Pyramid Potpourri Case
Tissue Case
Card Case
Folding Card Case

Part 5
Paper Crane
Plum Blossoms
Mustard Blossom
Offering Box
Goldfish Balloon
Evening Primrose
Snow Bunny

Practical Origami is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Random House. Vertical translates the best contemporary Japanese books. Check out their unique catalog at Vertical Publishing

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Origami Birds Kit Review & Giveaway

Origami Birds by world-renowned origami artist Michael G. LaFosse, published by Tuttle of Vermont. Kit includes 2 booklets, 96 sheets of folding paper and 2 sheets of gold foil, everything you need to make your own flock of feathered friends! Booklets contain easy-to-follow instructions for 20 origami birds along with origami symbols keys. Paper is 6 inch square and colored on both sides. Most models are single-square, no-cut and no-glue original designs by the author. Hours of fun and learning perfect for home, school, cottage and camp bird lovers. Beginner/intermediate. Get your copy below!

Book One
Origami Symbols Key
Elsa's Swan
Duck Family

Book Two
Origami Symbols Key
Flapping Bird
Simple Penguin
Golden Goose
Golden Goose Egg
Pajarita (Little Bird)
Thunder Bird

Origami Birds is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Tuttle Publishing. Check out their unique catalog, rooted in Asian culture, language and history at Tuttle Publishing.

Tuttle has generously offered to giveaway a copy of Origami Birds! One winner will be selected at random. Good luck to you! Open until June 7, 2014, Canadian and USA addresses only.

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Origami Flower Paper Napkin

I just discovered this quick and easy to make flower paper napkin fold and will be using it a lot this summer! Best of all the design has 3 gorgeous variations! It's from Origami Flowers, Fold Beautiful Paper Bouquets by Kazuo Kobayashi published by Vertical, Inc. of New York.  A square, lunch-size paper napkin folds into a pretty flower about 15 x 15cm. The 79 page paperback features 64 floral patterns ranging from easy to difficult and includes 8 tear out sheets of 8 x 10" colored paper. Each design includes easy-to-follow instructional text, diagrams and photos. Scissors are required for most projects, though not this one. Author Kazuo Kobayashi is the director of Origami Kaikan  one of the "Six Cultural Treasures" of the Bunkyo Ward in Tokyo.  Check out the easy tutorial and get your copy below! 

The Joy of Origami Flowers:
Stimulate Your Brain While Having Fun

Cherry Blossom / Dandelion
Standing Tulip
Morning Glory / Iris

Deluxe Rose
Box Rose / Curled Rose
Double Carnation
Lily / Bellflower
Stacked Roses
Curled Rose
Lily Brooch/ Camellia Brooch
Sunflower Brooch
Snowflake / Maple
Small Morning Glory / Plum Blossom
Gift Envelope (Rose) / Gift Envelope (Cherry Blossom)
Flower Paper Case
Essay: Wrapping Bouquets

Flower Napkin
Lace Flower Case
Leaf Plate
Chopsticks Envelope (Iris / Plum) / Cherry Blossom Chopsticks Rest
Flower Dish (Cherry Blossom)
Flower Dish (Chrysanthemum)


Origami Flowers is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Random House. Vertical translates the best contemporary Japanese books. Check out their unique catalog at Vertical Publishing. 

Tutorial: Origami Flower Paper Napkin


Monday, April 21, 2014

Paper To Petal

From the book Paper To Petal by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell. 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand, Foreword by Martha Stewart and published by Potter Craft, New York. Learn to transform paper into playful, luscious and sophisticated flowers with inexpensive tissue and crepe paper. These exquisite blooms never wilt, are always in style, and are endlessly fun to create, share, and give to everyone you love. Get your copy below. Get inspired. Gather supplies. Learn some techniques. Craft your project. You'll be amazed how easy!

Foreword By Martha Stewart
Get Inspired
The Flowers

Thank You!
 More than 200 unique flowers and foliage to make and enjoy.

Always in season. For any reason. Parties, weddings, gifts, holidays, everyday.

Paper To Petal is available in both my Canadian and USA Amazon Store's and worldwide at Random House. Check out their charming catalog at Potter Craft.