Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Origami Master Class Flowers

This is Origami Master Class Flowers by Marcio Noguchi and Sherry Gerstein, Race Point Publishing. The 192 page hardcover contains 12 floral projects for advanced folders. Looking for great detail, realism and complex design? Some of the world's most talented origami artists fold flowers they designed, including Robert Lang's Rose. Illustrated and diagrammed by Marcio Noguchi, large, bold, clean diagrams show you how to turn simple pieces of paper into a sophisticated origami flowers. From the Bleeding Heart to the Zinnia, fold flowers complete with leaves, bracts, calyces, pseudobulbs and stems, then assemble into arrangements. Suggested assembly materials include craft knife, self-healing cutting mat, floral tape, wire and wire cutters, glue, tapestry needle or beading awl/reamer, vases and wreath form. A beautiful book. The models are very challenging, the Bleeding Heart has 48 steps! Get your copy below.

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